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Etienne Savin
9 November
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1. Character's name: etienne savin
2. Character's nickname: /
3. Gender: male
4. Age: 22
5. Looks: about 180m, average build, short dark brown curly hair, nearly black eyes, light scar on his left cheek [yep, shaving is an art form ;-)], remarkable graceful and beautiful hands
6. Classes taken this semester:
creative writing III
professional writing: fundamentals
general psychology
introductions to philosophy
English as 2nd Language
7. House and room number: / (lives in appartment near campus)
8. Hobbies: writing, acting, occasional painting, movies, medicine
9. Goals / dreams: becoming a writer
10. Fears: never find a way to express himself
11. Additional background info: student from france; isn't very fond of his first language and tries to find a language he feels able to express himself (*laughs* isn't that a good excuse for some rather weak attempts of poetry in english i'll post?!)
shares a flat with a girl called ellie and their pets spencer, the dog, and kojak, the cat.