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[pe] - Etienne Savin

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February 7th, 2004

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04:28 pm - [pe]
his mother is coming to boston.
and i have to play the invisible again.
for one goddamn week.
i will work a lot this week.
i gonna be very busy,
not standing still,
having no time to take a breath the whole day
and falling into my bed like dead at night,
too tired to think of him
and how much i'm missing the smell of his sheets.

for one week he won't know me at all.

i walked down the street
the way that leads to your appartment
i didn't want to visit you
i know i couldn't
i was just walking by

i saw how you closed the front door behind you and the woman
and our eyes met
we are good actors among others
our eyes stayed so cold
that it freezed me from inside

i could cry just thinking about it.

his mother is coming tomorrow evening.
will go over to him now, pick up some stuff of mine.
and stay with him for the night.
mood: gloomygloomy


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