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it's cold and i'm freezing quite a bit. but it's probably because the… - Etienne Savin

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November 29th, 2003

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02:22 pm
it's cold and i'm freezing quite a bit.
but it's probably because the window is wide open and i'm only wearing a t-shirt.
maybe i'd feel better if i just close the window?! *smiles*

haven't updated my LJ for some time.
i'm currently not extremely fond of my computer.
i don't know for which reason, but i prefer writing on paper atm.

beside that i have not much to tell, which would be worth running a journal for.
i'm doing fine, i'm often happy, nothing very exciting happend, so i don't need to run a journal right now actually. my mind and thoughts can be extremely dull when i'm happy and i don't want to keep that in a journal.

the only thing worth telling is that i applied to a small acting group last week. and i'm very very happy about that. we're planning to do a kind of cabaret show, which is great. really really looking forward to it and to develop the ideas we've had about it.

beside that i still have my jobs, the bookstore and the waiters job at the hotel. it's going well and i probably will have enough money to fly home for christmas this year.

the dorm is really quiet right now. probably because of thanksgiving holidays. many people went home i suppose. of course i didn't.
spend thanksgiving with the radcliffes. paula is currently in new york for an acting workshop, but she came home for that. it was nice to see her and jimmy again after i haven't for quite some time. went out with both of them last night, down to the bar. nice evening. relaxed with friends. liked that.

right now i'm working on some essays for classes. the deadline for handing them in is next friday, but i'm almost finished, at least with two out of three, which is kind of reassuring.

i think i gonna go on working on them now and later take a walk around campus. maybe i meet some of the people i haven't for some time.
mood: calmcalm

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