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the leafs - still red and burning the sun - mild it smiled upon my… - Etienne Savin

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November 5th, 2003

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12:24 am
the leafs - still red and burning
the sun - mild it smiled upon my face
the air - caressing and tender
as if they'd prepare for a final curtain
wanted to look good
before they really have to go
i was walking and sat down to read in the park
it was simply beautiful
i got distracted after a few minutes,
by children who played loudly
throwning leafs up in the air
laughing cheerfully about the reflection it made
against the sunshine
and the mothers smiled.

i should be sleeping.
classes starting early tomorrow.
i'm also a little sleepy,
but i'm reading 'wonder boys'
and i can't put that book away.

i gonna go over to the hospital tomorrow.
getting an HIV test.
scott's post made me think.
although i think i'm negativ, you never can be sure enough.
and i really want to be sure.

talking of hospitals:
i should call kay tomorrow.
mrs. tingle wasn't exactly pleased
that he missed class today.
wonder where he was.

my eyes are watering, cause i'm yawing all the time.
i think i should go sleeping.
mood: calmcalm

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