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[pe] - Etienne Savin

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November 3rd, 2003

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07:12 pm - [pe]
the hotel was small and noone knew us.
we had a view to the ocean from our window.
through the day we took walks along the beach till our clothes were wet from the rain and our bones chilled from the icy wind.
in the evening we went for dinner in this little fish restaurant at the promenade.
noone knew us, we were sure of that and so we could sit in our dark corner near the window, drink red wine and i could hold his hand shyly and we could look at each other the way we wanted to.
god, it was perfect.
i could kiss him, not hidden behind closed doors, but on the street, in puplic.
feels different to kiss him in puplic, almost more real and more intense.
as if it would be normal and everything would be alright.
mood: enthralledenthralled


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