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[pe] - Etienne Savin

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October 8th, 2003

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04:12 pm - [pe]
the phone rings
and i know it's him
i pick up
and my heart smiles
hearing his voice
how he smiles
makes me feel light
and free and loved

in love.
so beautiful.
how did it happen? i can't remember *smiles*
suddenly it was there.
we met one night, four weeks ago, by accident. outside a cafe.
and it felt as if it just couldn't have been avoided;
that he took my hand on the way home and that we hide in a dark corner for the first real kiss.

i care so incredible less about any of the complications, like pretending not to be as close as we really are in front of others, like thinking up excusses for not being around campus, i care so less about it as long i can feel at least his lips once a day.

life is good.
mood: lovedloved
music: lenny kravitz - heaven help


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