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i'm updating? *blinks* - Etienne Savin

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October 8th, 2003

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03:55 pm - i'm updating? *blinks*
i find time to write into my journal again?!
i'm surprised.

i work a lot, almost all the time, in case anyone asks why he/she hasn't seen me around campus a lot except classes. i still have the job in the little bookstore, which is great. usually i go there right after classes, can work there for my assignemts just as well, actually even better as they have all the books i need for my studies and the owner just knows almost everything about american writers, which helps for american literature classes *smiles*
beside the bookstore i also started working as waiter in the four seasons three nights a week a while back. the job is...well...a job *smiles* but the money is decent. i won't have any problems going home for christmas this year, which is wonderful.

so, i work quite a lot and have less time, but life is good though.
mood: calmcalm
music: lenny kravitz - always on the run

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