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March 6th, 2004

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02:49 pm - [pe]
come with me
to see the sun again
blink into daylight
shield your eyes from it
feel it burning your skin
and refresh your mind
blow the blue away
stab the black clouds which are covering your smile

sit in the green gardens with me
walk underneath the whistling trees
listen to beautiful colors upon us
wake up with me
when the morning light sets down on our faces
fall asleep with me
and the window will be open
to feel the velvet air caressing your skin
carefree hours and days
washing away the winter off your mind

come with me
lay with me
be with me

my god.
i can't believe the most wonderful person in the earth is mine.
this letter, along with a ticket to south africa for next week.
i called his office, i hardly ever do this, but i was so...excited. and confused.
'stuart, what is this all about?'
'you said you don't need sleep, but sun and warmth. and i'm sure cap town has plenty of that at the moment.'

he's inviting me, to south africa!
i can't believe it!
oh my god...
this is...
he's so incredible wonderful.
i want to open my window and scream it down into the streets,
write it down at every wall, so that everyone will know.
the man i love is breathtakingly wonderful!
and it's the man who loves me.
there can't be anyone on the planet who is happier then i am right now.
i wish everyone would be as happy as i am.
he makes me love.
he makes me love the world and everything about it.

i can't believe that he cares so much about me
my god how i love him

mood: happyincredible happy


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