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ran into kay today. and i mean i ran into him. we were both walking… - Etienne Savin

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December 3rd, 2003

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06:01 pm
ran into kay today. and i mean i ran into him. we were both walking very quickly along the hallway, coming from the opposite direction, both reading and not noticing anything around us. our foreheads bumped together really hard and kay had coffee allover his sweater. must have looked so weird for everyone around us. *smiles*
i'm used to that, i mean that's me...reading and walking and forgetting what's around. but i was suprised about kay, especially since it was a classic - goethes 'werther'. hardly anyone reads classic anymore if one isn't really forced to, and kay reads it out of his free will. weird.
whatever. what i actually wanted to say was, that -after he stopped cursing about the coffee and rubbing his forhead- he grinned at me very brightly, said
'werther! you! here! i'm delighted!'
he called me werther. *smiles*
i'm fairly amused being called such a intense, tragic and romantic character.
am i? i don't know.
maybe. a bit.

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. I am alone, and feel the charm of existence in this spot, which was created for the bliss of souls like mine. I am so happy, my dear friend, so absorbed in the exquisite sense of mere tranquil existence, that I neglect my talents. I should be incapable of drawing a single stroke at the present moment; and yet I feel that I never was a greater artist than now. When, while the lovely valley teems with vapour around me, and the meridian sun strikes the upper surface of the impenetrable foliage of my trees, and but a few stray gleams steal into the inner sanctuary, I throw myself down among the tall grass by the trickling stream; and as I lie close to the earth, a thousand unknown plants are noticed by me: when I hear the buzz of the little world among the stalks, and grow familiar with the countless indescribable forms of the insects and flies, then I feel the presence of the Almighty, who formed us in his own image, and the breath of that universal love which bears and sustains us, as it floats around us in an eternity of bliss; and then, my friend, when darkness overspreads my eyes, and heaven and earth seem to dwell in my soul and absorb its power, like the form of a beloved mistress,—then I often think with longing, Oh, would I could describe these conceptions, could impress upon paper all that is living so full and warm within me, that it might be the mirror of my soul, as my soul is the mirror of the infinite God! O my friend—but it is too much for my strength—I sink under the weight of the splendour of these visions!

we might have some things in common.
mood: amusedamused

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