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November 29th, 2003

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02:45 pm - [pe]
stuart is at home.
thanksgiving and tradition.
not a big surprise that i'm not very fond of these traditions.
i hate to imagine that at home when he's asked he will deny i'm actually excisiting.
he called me today.
he was hidding somewhere when he did.
he kept his voice down very much, just whispering, not that anyone would hear.
yes, i really hate the rayleigh family tradition.


i miss that weekend we were at the sea and we could feel like a real, normal couple.
i miss him right now. a lot.
probably because it's cold in my room and his flat his always warm and i feel sheltered and loved there.
he'll be back tomorrow evening.
and i can't wait to go over to his place then.
mood: pensivepensive


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