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October 25th, 2003

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06:42 pm - [pe]
the cold is colder when you don't have a place to go, which will warm you.

his mother spontanously decided to pay him a visit this weekend.
and that means we don't know each other for the next 48 hours.

i wish i could go over to his place now.
sitting on the windowsill, watching the cold, unfriendly streets below without having the feeling i'd belong there, but feel hidden and save inside his walls.

we almost had sex on that windowsill yesterday *chuckles*
almost. decided for a more discret place to get undressed.
sometimes he's still shy and insecure; as if he's not sure about what he does, if it's what i want, what he wants. he just doesn't know sometimes.
it feels slightly weird that i have to show him; i mean he's the older one and usually the older teaches the younger. well, not in this case *smiles*
his whole body was trembling the first time, his hands so shaky. his heart was beating so hard in his chest i could almost hear it. his kisses so nervous and clumsy on my lips.
god, how i loved this night. seemed so long and yet much to short.

i really wish i could be over at his place now.
mood: enthralledenthralled


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